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The followings are my thoughts in the first of week of October 2013 – in no particular order of importance:

On Focus

Smartphone is a double-edged sword.

It makes our life easier (push email, keeping up with the latest news, and saves phone bill), yet it also make our life miserable (reduced ability to focus on a single task).

What did I do for the past 3 weeks to combat the miserable-ness of having a smartphone?

I treat my smartphone (in this case a Blackberry) like a computer.

I switch it on when I need to use it – which means when I’m working (from 10.30 am to about 8 pm everyday).

And I switched it off when I don’t need to use it – which means after office hour and on my off days.

More precisely,  I switch off the radio signal every time I put it into the pocket of my pants.

People say phone signals is radioactive and it could affect your balls. I don’t know how true this is but I prefer to be extra conservative.

Incoming calls? I will get text notification when I turn on the signal. If a call is important, I will return the call. If the caller thinks their call is important, they will send me a text message.

I don’t do voice mail.

On weekend, the phone is turned on every 6 or 4 hours to check for any incoming calls or SMSes.

On watch

Because of my newfound detachment from my smartphone, I think I now need a watch to tell the time.

My budget is only about RM1,000. I used to think Casio and Seiko have nice designs but at the same time I think they’re too Ah Beng-ish.

(Caveat: There is nothing wrong in being Ah-Beng-ish, it’s just that I find Mat Rempits are sexier to the opposite sex).

The next option is G-Shock. They’re utility watch, which means it is not used to convey status or your sophistication in taste.

They’re strictly used to tell the time, to set alarm clock, lap timer and etc.

They’re durable and water resistant too.

The problem is, it gets in the way of the cuff of a shirt because it is quite bulky.

So another option might be Fossil and Swatch.

Fossil (estimated price is about RM700 to RM800) has a few options with a really big face that I like.

Yet, the minimalist in me yearns for something simple, not-so-in-your-face and that leaves me with Swatch Skin (estimated price is RM360).

I am still undecided on this. Which means I am not sure if in the end I will be buying a watch, or which one I’ll go for.

On languages

When I was in college, I learned Mandarin and French. And again, I learned Mandarin last year at YMCA KL.

And I recently signed up for second level French class after finishing the first level in May.

Right now, I think I am done with classes. I plan to get a private tutor to improve my fluency in both languages.

I can practise speaking in Mandarin with my housemate, and colleagues.

For the month of October, I plan to memorise at least 1,000 words of French and Mandarin.

Learning two languages at the same time. Ambitious? Let’s see how it goes.

On sex

I have a gay friend who happens to be my Facebook friend as well.

He likes to run after his office hour and one day, he posted a photo collage of long, beautiful legs.

At first, I thought it was a photo of girls’ legs.

Upon closer inspection, it is actually a photo collage of HIS legs!

This made me realise that men and women, we are not that different physically.

If I see a pair of nice and toned shaved legs, I could not really tell if it’s a men’s or a woman’s legs.

If I see a photo of a nice perky derriere captured from the waist to the thigh, I couldn’t really tell if it belongs to a men or a woman.

Which brings me to another point – pussy.

After being intimate with a few number of women, you will start to notice that almost all pussies are the same.

The only difference is how they SMELL.

Some will have no smell at all, some will smell slightly metallic, and some will smell like a rotten cube of cheese (if you’re unlucky, you can’t get rid of the smell from your hand if you wash it under some normal running pipe water).

In the end, you don’t stick with one girl because of her pussy.

It does not matter if her pussy is tighter than another girl’s pussy.

Or you don’t stick with a girl because her pussy smells better than any other girl.

You stick with a certain girl because how they make you feel.

Some will make you feel like you’re being taken advantage of.

And some will make you feel like a real men.

P.S – Please bear with any grammatical error. I wrote this blog post like an online journalist who writes breaking news – execute first, clean copy is (mostly) the job of a sub-editor ;-D