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Why Some People Suck at Doing Something

945N9UPRWEEC This morning on the way to my workplace (I have a day job), I stopped by one of the road to buy food for breakfast.

It was time to pay for the food. Hesitating to give the money using my left hand or not, I ended up giving it using my LEFT hand.

And the breakfast seller received the money I gave with her RIGHT hand. Anything strange with that?


But there is something else. She handed the pack of nasi lemak (rice cooked with coconut milk with anchovies cooked with chillies) to me using her LEFT hand!

She accepted the money with her right hand and gave the packet of breakfast to me with her left hand. It was very practical on her side.

This small event reminded me of something else. It was a reminder to me that what I believe and do affect the  events around me. What you believe and do affect your events around you as well. In fact what we do and believe affect the events around us.

I call it this as Thoughts to Reality manifestation. The Thoughts are manifested into Reality. And the Reality is a reflection of the Thoughts.

What are Thoughts? In the simplest terms, it refers to things that we have in our mind. And in order to manifest this thoughts into reality, we must have a consistent series thoughts of what we desire, and not conflicting ones.

Have you heard the cliche If you think you can, you can. I was once jaded with that cliche because of its over usage by salespeople and network marketers who tried to recruit me. At that time, I know it was  true but it didn’t sink and blend well into my thinking.

We can’t just slap a think-positive attitude on someone’s face (especially unsolicited one) and expect them to chew and stomach it and suddenly become hyped and energized. A deeper understanding of that cliche is needed for it to be effective.

What makes I say Reality is a reflection of our Thoughts? And how are we going to apply this into our life?

Let’s take dating for example. Take a look at the quality of women you are dating right now. Or if you are not dating or sleeping with any women, what makes it so ?

Dating a women of low quality might be attributable to you doubting your ability to be in a relationship with a high quality women. You want a high quality women but deep inside you are not so sure about it. You doubt about it.

These conflicting thoughts could not sit together in your mind. One of them has to go. And when you take a look at the women you are dating (by chance), it reinforces the thought that you don’t deserve the company of a great woman.

And this destructive loop of thought continues to dominate your life.

Thought to Reality manifestation is not something new. A lot of people have been talking about it. Some call it the Intention Manifestation. Some call it the Law of Correlation. Some call it the Law of Attraction.

But I call it Thoughts to Reality manifestation. As a reminder to myself that I choose how I want to create my Reality by altering my Thoughts.

P/S – The teller at a post office I went to this afternoon was a lefthanded person as well. Funny!

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  • This reminds me of the Noetic science found in Dan Brown’s latest book, The Lost Symbol. Our thoughts, according to Noetic theory have some sort of physical manifestation. It can literally effect the physical world in some way.

    I believe what we really need is the confidence to know that we can change something regardless whether it’s possible or not.

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