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Be An Artist Not A Politician

Writing is an art. Drawing is an art. Writing for a blog is an art too. And so is singing.

What do these arts have in common? All the artists creating these arts actually serve a very small set of audience. A blogger should not have a blog that focuses on everything under the sun. And if you sing, you can’t be a singer that is so damn good with all genre of songs.

An artist cares more about the few who admire their work and ignore the rest who takes no interest in it.

This blog writes about personal development and minimalism. It is not about pop culture or the latest sports gossips.

I consider my writings in this blog as an art. And I serve a very small set of people. People who are into developing themselves to become a remarkable person through minimalism.

And as an artist I need to have a strong voice. A strong voice that is sending the desired message across to its audience.

Minimalism is not a mainstream lifestyle. Therefore I need to be strong. I need to hold on to it in the midst of encouragement and criticism from the people around me.

What if I care more about the few who resent me and ignore the rest who supports me?

I would then have become a politician. And I would never want to walk that path.

If you are an artist, you should develop your own strong voice too. Your message should reach the right audience.

The kind of audience who would appreciate your art and tell other people about it.

Have you developed your own voice and reach your right audience today?

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  • Already did. Now expanding it.

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)


  • Emmy Hermina

    still the same people i see??! =)

  • Charlie Verona

    Casey….How about ‘ The Lairs’ ?

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)

    Still there..

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