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Ahmad Fadli aka The Minimalist Guy in the media

The Minimalist Guy in The China Press circa June 2010

The Minimalist Guy was featured in The China Press (Zhong Guo Bao) in early June 2010.

At first I thought the coverage on The Minimalist Guy was going to appear in the Northern region of Malaysia pullout only. It was actually featured in the national edition!

A good friend of mine, Kakyn Khok of Kakynlogy has been kind enough and translated the article for the readers of The Minimalist Guy.

Here is the translation:

Minimalist – not a freak

Analyst total asset’s only 173 items

(Penang 2th June) The person with total assets of only 173 items, is he a poor guy or a weirdo? Neither, he’s a minimalist!

Ahmad Fadli, that’s the minimalist’s name. 27 years old, a degree holder, with monthly income of RM 2000++, working as an inventory analyst, he’s not a poor guy, it’s just that he only pursues the minimum of what’s needed in his life, that’s why he only has 173 items as his whole asset.

Minimalist means one only lives with the needed item in life, the simpler the better.

Enthusiastically promote his lifestyle

Although he’s currently pursuing a minimalist lifestyle, Ahmad used to be a materialistic guy before he encounter minimalistic lifestyle. Since reading about minimalism on July last year, he’s enlightened and thus decided to pursue such lifestyle.

He recalled of days with credit card debt, spending more than what he earns, every month repaying card debt right after receiving paycheck, now being able to live this simplified life, it’s too good to be true.

“Such lifestyle makes one has less choices, thus less worries”

This lifestyle enables Ahmad to be more focused and concentrate better on work, he said, “worries” are reduced a whole lot, he no longer need to worry about what to buy and how to repay the debt, that makes him more focused.

“Although I’m like a weirdo, my parents, girlfriend, friends and employer accept me still.”

He added, in the process of reducing his assets to 173 items, he dumped and donated a lot of things, and his current target is to reduce even further to 100 items.

“I dumped reference books of my university, because these are no longer useful, I was really reluctant to, because actually I still miss books and my university life.”

He actively promote this lifestyle, this includes giving speech on the Penang Speaker’s Square and writing blogs etc, his blogsite is theminimalistguy.com.

Nobody to share experience: “No enemy is the loneliest”(a Chinese proverb)

Like the saying “No enemy is the loneliest”, actually minimalists are also lonely!

Ahmad said, “minimalism” lifestyle is still new to the public, at least to his understanding, there’s only one minimalist who blogs about it in Penang, he’s never seen any of “his kind” yet.

“Even my family, friends and girlfriend aren’t minimalist”

He doesn’t know if there’s any other minimalists in Malaysia, but at least to his knowing, he’s the only minimalist blogger in Malaysia.

“I feel lonely that there’s no ‘my species’ to talk to and share experiences, this is the only bad thing I find.”

Salutes to Gandhi who only left 5 things before stepping into coffin.

Minimalists salute to Gandhi because he only left 5 things before stepping into coffin.

Ahmad said, he would see Gandhi as idol because he died with only his shirt, watch, spectacles, sandals and eating bowl.

“Gandhi is the ultimate minimalist.”

He said, Hollywood movie “Up In The Air” also depicts the lifestyle of a minimalist. In the movie, the hero travels around the world with a single luggage, and he’s a minimalist.

He said, he planned to vagabond around the world with backpack with only the necessities.