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My List of 100 (and 77) things and 3 lessons from decluttering

After almost 2 weeks of decluttering, I am down to only 177 things – including 71 books – and I am a happy camper.

Excluding the books, there is only 106 things in my possession.

There are a few lessons I learned from this second round of decluttering.

First, I spend most of my money on books. Books are good. But too many of good things can be bad as well. The last four books I bought, I bought without finishing the earlier book that I had bought. I have impulse spending when it comes to books.

Second, I attach a lot emotions to some of my possessions. College and university books which I never gonna use again were still in my possession. Donating these away was a tough decision but I have to adhere to my own rules of only keeping stuff I am using now.

Third, having fewer possession enables me to know exactly where my stuff is when I need it.  In the future I won’t be buying another book on language when another book in my collection already serves that purpose.

So here is the list of my stuffs:

1 Bedsheets
1 Bedside lamp
1 Bicycle
1 Black backpack
1 Black pants
2 Blankets
71 Books
1 Box of insurance policy
1 Box of memorabilia
1 Box of Toastmaster’s documents
2 Belts
1 Bunch of keys
1 Comforter
1 Fedora hat
1 File of important document
5 Footwears
1 Handphone
1 Handynotebook
1 HD Media Centre
1 Helmet
1 Jacket
4 Jeans
1 Kapi (training weapon)
1 Khakis
2 Long sleeve shirts
1 Motorcycle
1 Neck tie
1 Netbook
4 Old magazine
12 Pair of socks
1 Pendrive
1 Pillow
3 Pillow sheets
11 Printed ebooks
10 Round neck t-shirt
1 Sarong
1 Singlet
1 Sleeping bag
1 Sports pants
1 Starbucks planner
8 Toiletries items – 8
2 Towels
3 T-shirt with collar
8 Underwears
1 Vest

Total: 177 items (106 minus the books)

I look forward to eliminating the 11 printed ebooks when I have the softcopy again 😛

And I will do another round of decluttering 6 months from now. By that time, I hope I can really have 100 items and I can really unattach myself from the books that I have.

By that time as well, the public library is going to be my biggest book shelf.

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  • andy

    i really really want to minimun my belong….
    i am lost , dont know how to do……..
    can you give me some courage and support ?

    many thank

    i remember , ur photo is publish in china press newspaper

    i still look for the picture ,want to show to my friend ,

    is real , and how to make it…..

    suggest : can you find the picture or keep with you , do you mind put in your blog to share with us…or mail me and thank

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)

    You can always come to this blog for encouragement and support Andy.

    The photo is real and the way I make it is by having real journalist interviewing me and publishes the story in a real newspaper 🙂

    Check out the media appearance

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