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I am not a frequent traveller but this year I have made two trips outside of peninsular of Malaysia.

Travelling lightly is a joy because I know I will have a stress-free and superb j0urney.

You know those backpackers that move around looking like they’re carrying a bazooka on their back?

Don’t be like them.

These are what I keep in mind when I aim to travel lightly.

1. Pack only the essentials. I use a small 35 litre backpack, and I don’t aim to fill it to the brim either.

I have two pants and 4 shirts (which is already too many) for my trip. A running short and singlet to run. A netbook and a toothbrush is my only toiletries.

I can pack all of these in under 7 minutes and I don’t have to worry of losing any luggage after the flight because I carry everything by hand through a flight.

2. Make time to relax. Most people try to rush too many activites during a trip. Take your own time, look for good coffee shops to relax in. Or you can look for a running route (if you run) and enjoy them. Read a lot too.

3. Be present. Don’t always be thinking of what you’re going to do next. Be fully present in what you do and you’ll enjoy the trip better.

I am now in Siem Reap, Cambodia for Blogfest.Asia 2012. It’s a 5-day event from the 1st November to 5 November.

I first attended this event two years ago in Penang, Malaysia.

So what is Blogfest Asia ? The official website says it is ” A meeting of Asian bloggers and technologists in Siem Reap, Cambodia”.

And obviously, I’m a blogger because I spent almost 3 hours yesterday fiddling with my Blackberry just to get it running on a local sim card!

Today is the second day of the event and I will post more update soon.