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Tips for an Undergraduate Student

I have left academic life close to two years. Even though I am an ardent believer in the credo of living in the moment, there are a few things I wish I should have done when I was a student. This could serve as a guide to people who are still completing their undergraduate studies. They are in listed in no particular order of importance.

1. Study harder and get better grades.

If someone tells you it is not good grade that gets you a job but your communication skills (read: bullshitting and some gobbledygook office speak), it is true. But there is more than that. The grade on your academic transcript determines your base pay when you started working. The better the grade, the fatter your pay packet is.

Don’t take your “good” communication skill (especially if you speak decent English) as a false-feel-good-thing to offset working hard for academic papers. That was what I did. And I regret it.

I did not graduate with a first class honours. So when I started working as an audit assistant, I was paid a meagre RM 1,300 (roughly around USD 380). My other friends who did better on paper  were paid around RM1,900 to RM2,200 for their first job. We are talking about an almost 100 percent difference here.

That is the power of a good grade.

The only thing I could be proud of ? I was hired right after the final semester examination.

2. Sleep with Date more girls on campus

Campus life is a world of its own. Foods and drinks in the cafeteria are way cheaper than foods outside of the campus. It seems like academic campus has its own rules. So is dating  in campus.

Dating in campus is way easier than dating in the real world. And you can exert more energy and focus on dating itself. Lectures and tutorials should be the most 5 hours per day. The rest of the hours can be used to attract more girls.

Areas of life generally can be divided into wealth, health and love. Campus life is a great time for improving your love life. Because once you get into employment, it is time to allocate more time for wealth building.

For guys, date as many girls as you can. That will give you some decent experience in connecting with women in general, not only a woman. For girls, choose the right guy to spend your time with. Because for girls, their emotional health correlate directly to their academic health 😀

I had two long term girlfriends when I was an undergraduate. I had a really great and amazing time with them, no doubt about that.

But if I were to date more girls at that time, I would have accumulated more experience in connecting with women by now. And be able to spend more time polishing my money skill.

3. Start earning money and learn more computer related and technical stuff.

Back then I thought it was a waste of time getting to know how to fix a computer, reformat a computer or change a computer graphic card. I was wrong.

I gotta learn about a few Internet Marketer in Malaysia who started to foray into Internet business when they were still a student. As for me, it was only now that I start to learn this technical stuff.

But it is okay still.

For one, I already  know how to install a WordPress template into a cPanel . That is my first step to making money online.I also learn how to install a favicon, the small graphic that you see next to the URL address of this website. The black stone.

Mastering Internet business and making money from the Internet is one of area I am exploring this year. Hence this paid hosting of my blog.

Why my own hosting? With BlogSpot, all the content I create belongs to Google. It is stated in the Terms and Conditions. That was what happened to chedet.com. Google “decided” that the blog is a spam blog and they closed it down.

With WordPress.com, I could not monetize my blog if I want to. WordPress.com can close down your account anytime if they find out it is used for commercial purpose.

That is another knowledge that is bringing me closer to making money online.

Should I have known all of these when I was an undergraduate, I might be an Internet Millionaire by now.

So those are the 3 things I wish I have done when I was still an undergraduate.

What about you? What are the things you wish you have done then?

Tell me about it by leaving comments below.

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  • Kakyn

    Great post, I’ll take the advice 🙂



  • Z.A.

    Look at the bright side KC. got rather melancholy when I read this post.

    You should be happy for being you.


    @Z.A – 😀

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