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Doing Work That Matters

Working is a source of income. The traditional model (and also the widely used model) of work is trading time for money.

Based on this model, there are two ways to increase the income. Put in more hours of work, or increase the hourly rate. Going the first route, more money from the income means exchanging more time for money.

If you love what you do (like me, I work in a manufacturing firm and I really love it), then there is no issue with using the first route. But what if you don’t love the job that you do, and yet you have to exchange your time for money, would that be a very great way to live your life?

I bet it is not.

As for me, up until this weekend I used to have three sources of income. Two are incomes which are earned by exchanging my time for money. The third one is a result based income.

Let’s talk about the result based income first. I do English to Malay translation for this type of income.

I love doing translations. The biggest achievement was when one of the translation I did for a mobile phone company appeared word for word on a billboard at a highway. I felt very proud at that time.

This job gives good money and it provides what is most important at this point of time in my life, growth.

As for my first job – which is my day job – the one thing I love about it is it makes me feel mainstream. I know it sounds funny to some of you but everytime I read blogs that talk about productivity, time and e-mail management, and working in an office with cubicles, I can relate to that 😀 After all, because of this job, I get to know how to use Outlook too 😀

What if I am a sexy fireman or a macho soldier? I wouldn’t know how it feels like working in an office.

And yes, the money is good . There is a lot of room for growth as well. As the years go by, one will be compensated on their ability (or lack of it) in doing this job. And that is a challenge for me to keep on improving myself and the results that I produce in the office. I consider this job to be a combination of exchanging time for money and a result based job.

Recently, I just quit my second job. I have long been thinking about it but only now I dare to take the plunge. The decision to quit was motivated by a few factors.

Firstly, the job is purely a time for money type of job. I have to be at work on Friday evening evening and Sunday afternoon. I show up I get the money. If I don’t, no money.

Secondly, I used to derive pleasure from this job because I enjoy the company of my colleagues. And there was growth as well. I got to pick up basic level Penang Hokkien dialect doing this job.

But right now, I can’t have two jobs which requires trading six days in a week for money. It is just too much. I have already been reducing the overhead of my life as a result of living a simple and minimal life. And frankly speaking, I don’t need that much of money right now to sustain my lifestyle.

Because of that, I quit the second job. I felt lighter. It’s like having a very heavy items taken out of your life backpack. My income level will drop slightly but I can always adjust my lifestyle to accomodate this change.

I now have more free time during the weekend. And because of that I am able to write this post on a sunny and windy Sunday afternoon from the balcony of my house. Life is great !

I will now focus on works that really matters. My day job which is always pushing me to explore uncharted territory in my line of duty. My freelance translation job which pays me for the results that I deliver.

And last but not least, writing on this blog giving value to its readers out there. I know you want more from me and I have to give it to you out there.

This is simplicity and minimalism in doing my work.

Doing work that matters.

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  • I work extra hour for no money. Not like you. Even it can be compensate with leave, but I don’t even have time to spend the privilege.

    Talking about sustainability, don’t forget you also need to sustain your future, not just today’s life.

    Penang Hokkien dialect? I thought u were Chinese man! Ha ha ha!

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)

    Future is an illusion.The only thing real is now 😉

    I’m neither a Chinese nor a Malay. I’m a spiritual being having a human experience for the time being 🙂

  • I just realized you moved your blog. Keep it up man and keep doing stuff that matters.

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)

    Thanks for the encouragement TS !

  • KC – Good to know that you re-evaluated your priorities and stuck to those which made sense, not which made ‘money’. I’ve been way too busy and I think reading your blog is a divine push from the cosmic universe. I take hints seriously and that is why I like your approach to life. How many people work their butts off, slaving over what they think are possessions but in fact the possessions possess them! Great post with good ideas to mull over.

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)

    Thanks for your encouragement Krista.
    One of the unexpected benefit of doing things that matter is that now I am more focused at my day job.
    I am really much more happier with slightly less money but more free time for myself to do what I love 🙂

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