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Becoming A Minimalist

A minimalist is a person who embraces minimalism. And minimalism is about setting limits and giving rooms for important things.

Right now I consider myself to be a minimalist. I wish I can be a religious minimalist most of the time 🙂

How did I become a minimalist in the first place?  The credit goes to a mentor (I took Law of Attraction workshop with him) and also a friend of mine, Izad. I was introduced to a book by the title The 4 Hour WorkWeek by Tim Ferris and also ZenHabits.Net by Leo Babauta.

ZenHabits.net inspired me to drop a lot of unnecessary commitments and got myself to really focus on things which really matter to me then. I purged my room, threw away useless sentimental clutters from my college days, and I have very few shirts nowadays.

Nowadays, I travel very light as well. I make it a point to travel with only one 28 litre backpack. And it brings me peace of mind too. This idea of travelling with only a 28 litre backpack was inspired by Tynan. He is a former Pick Up Artist who embraces minimalism.

So those are the two biggest influences on my journey to becoming a minimalist.

I just discovered another great e-book on minimalism by the title of  The Art of Being Minimalist. I previewed the book and I just bought the book as well. The author Everett Bogue used to be a photo editor at a magazine and as you can expect, the book is full of beautiful photos.

And reading it gives me a Zen-like feeling as well. Eventhough I’m used to reading ZenHabits, I do find a lot of original and refreshing material on minimalism in that book.

So now I’m off to reading The Art of Being Minimalist.

P/S – Yes it’s an affiliate link. My first attempt at earning money online. If you buy the book, you help to support my work and I thank you. Thank you.

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  • It’s been a while since you last blogged. Applying minimalism on your post count? Hehe.

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)

    TS Lim – This comment of yours really made me laugh in the middle of the night ! 😀
    Minimalism postings ?
    I need some tips on disciplining oneself to post more often…

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