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The Only Sign of His Interest In You

A lot of women feel like they are always wondering if the guy they are dating is really into them as much as they are into him.

This leaves them in a roller-coaster of “I-like-him-I-like-him-not-I-like-him”.

But there are one thing you can do to know ho much he likes (or does not like) you.

It is also the biggest and the easiest giveaway sign from a guy but a lot of girls missed it. Or choose to ignore it.

Drum roll………………

Consistency. If a guy is really into you just as much as you are into him, he’ll let it known to you consistently.

This consistency of interest cuts through everything. It doesn’t matter if he makes less money than you do or if he has a low self-esteem or if you think he is too good to be with you.

He is going to be consistently showing interest and attracted to you if he is really attracted to you.

If he sometimes act cold and the next moment he’s very fond of you, you might want to assess the direction of your relationship (or courthsip).

Simple? Men are simple creatures. Take my word.

That is because most things in life are simple 😀

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  • Emmy Hermina

    hahaha. i guess it does make sense..

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)

    It does Emmy 🙂

  • stylo

    camna dengan gurl plak..

    wht sign they r interest in guy..

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)

    They will do whatever they can to be with the guy 🙂
    They will move mountains or attack a country if it needs to….

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