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Getting Your Life In Order

Life in this age is very challenging. And the pace of change is very fast too. One moment, we feel like we are able to catch up with all those changes and happenings. The next second, we feel lost in keeping up with those change and challenges. During this time, we feel like our whole life is in a mess.

What causes us to get this kind of feeling?

It is having too many things to do. I have this feeling a few days back. And I was searching for an answer. In the end I decided to write down all the things that are bothering me on a piece of paper. And when I look at those things I have written down, I feel I am more in control of my life.

Why is putting my thoughts on a piece paper makes me feel more in control of my life?

It gives me a bird’s eye view of the things that are going around in my life at the moment.

For one, I realize financial-wise I have three jobs that are giving me steady streams of income. I work in a manufacturing firm, I do translation, and I do some weekend job at an entertainment center. But I need to focus the most on my day job in the manufacturing firm for now. And I am also working on a dating consultation company for a friend. But this I put on the back burner temp.

On the other side, I am also learning on how to make money online. And this blog is one way of doing so. But I have not monetize this blog yet as you can see. But I am working on the content and simultaneously working on another website with a very narrow niche focusing on dating.

In terms of hobby, I have been thinking of picking up dancing again. I do belly dancing………that was a joke!
I did Latin dance and competed in a competition before :-). And have been thinking of rejoining the class as a way to shed some excess weight.

So once I got all these thoughts onto a piece of paper, I can see clearly what have been bothering me.And I work on all those stuff according to their priority one by one.

I strongly urge you to do the same every time you feel like you have too many things to be done 🙂

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