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I Promised Myself NOT To Do These Two Annoying Things

I had the chance of meeting some new people lately. And I have to admit I could not recall when was the last time I went out and attended a social event.

Blame it on the artistic streak in me (artist usually spend a lot of time creating art in solitary and ‘shipping’ it) that has inculcated this new trait of an introvert in me.

I now promise myself not to do two annoying things that some of the people I met did.

The first one is giving unsolicited advice. I realise, at some point in life a lot of people are willingly giving me some advice on “how” to do things, “what” I should do, and “what” I should have to match my education level.

In the future, I will just nod my head and walk away.

I promised NOT to give unsolicited advice to anybody.

The second one is giving unsolicited cliche advice. No one wants to waste their time to be preached about the importance of having a posh car to get a girl. First, it’s a cliche. Second, it is not true.

You should get a house and a car also fall under this category of advice too.

I promised myself not to do this annoying thing too.

Should I do this if we meet in person, ask me to treat you to a cup of teh tarik.

What about you? What annoys you?

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  • farahah nazari

    Panic in the middle of preparing my documents to be used in half an hour, kawan2 yang dah settle kerja diorang, datang ramai2 buat muka “aku-takde-kerja” n cakap “farahah, rilex sudah. jom ah gi minum2 dulu.nanti2 boleh buat dokumen tu”..annoying jugak kan tu?

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)

    Very annoying and they deserve a slap on the face for saying such a thing in that situation! 🙂

  • Who?

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)


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