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How to Live Life with Little Burden

I am a minimalist guy who rides a motorcycle and doesn’t own a car. And I deliberately choose to be so. Owning a car in a city where I am living is not really a convenient choice anymore. Penang is very small and there are way too many cars moving around on this jam-packed island.

To some people a car is a necessity. They need a car to move from point A to point B. But to a single guy like me, it is not a necessity. I am content with using my motorcycle. Plus, I can claim that I leave less carbon footprint if I want to sound like I am keeping in trend with the latest go green fad 🙂

What if some people think I am a pauper? Why can’t this guy afford a car? What does he do?

Right now, all these questions mean nothing to me.  If some people want to think of me as having less money, I never take it personally now.

It sounds simple but it is very powerful. Anything somebody else’s say is a reflection of themselves. Or a projection of themselves. This is actually one of the agreements in The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

By not taking anything personally right now, I have less time expending my energy worrying and speculating in my head why some other person is thinking of me in a certain way.

Thank you Don Miguel Ruiz.

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  • You are certainly a minimalist guy.

    For a Dalai Lama like you, you don’t need car. 🙂

    You rock and I love you KC !

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)

    I love you too dude !

  • All I can say is, you’ve got it right. You are not your car, or your motorbike or your body, for that matter. Nice post

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