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Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina

I am now Reading Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina. He is the most widely read personal development blogger on earth right now.

The word “Smart People” which is also the title for his blog doesn’t have anything to do with being academic smart. It refers to people who are aligned with Truth, Love, and Power. This three elements combined together make up Intelligence.

Hence the word “Smart People”. An academically smart person might not be an intelligent person. For instance, a top-notch CPA who maxes out her credit card debt is not a smart person. She is lacking the Power to control her spending habits even though she is good at drawing up a company’s forecast of financial projection for the next five years.

There is a specific part in the book which got me writing this post. It is the chapter on Power. And I was reading a sub chapter of Power which is Self-Discipline. Something very simple yet very profound strikes me.

Motivation helps you to kick start something but it is Self-Discipline that pulls you through. Because of that, I realized I had a lot of postings in the month of January when I first started. But so far, this is the second posting in February.

Like most new bloggers, I was ‘addicted’ to checking the site statistics every now and then. At times, it is very motivating to see mountains and peaks in the stat charts. And at some other time, it is very demoralizing to see some valleys and hills .

But a good blogger should not be affected by the reaction of the readers, or the lack of it. What matters is to keep on going forward.

Motivation helps me to kick start this blog but it is Self-Discipline that pulls me through 😀

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