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I’m Ready to be 30

I think I’m ready to be 30 in a few more years.

The reason I said this is because lately, I have been thinking about all the choices that I have made.

Did I take the right major when I was in college?

Am I doing the right job to put food on my table? Should I just stick to being an accountant, get a professional qualification and climb up the corporate ladder?

Was it a mistake to switch from a white-collared job to a blue-collared job?

Did I make the right decision when I decided to date so and so back then?

All these questions do keep coming to me from time to time.

Looking at all the choices I have made, I still believe I can do what ever I set my mind to do.

I’m not sure if my friends who are of the same age with me and are married with kids will think the same.

But I sometimes do ask myself how would my life be right now should I choose to get married and have kids.

Will I be a happily married man who comes home everyday from work to a lovely wife and two beautiful twin daughters? :P?

Or will I be a 20 something guy who feels tired and dragged down by a family commitment?

I don’t know and I don’t have an answer for that.

Maybe this is what we call it a late 20’s dilemma 🙂

But I know one thing that I want right now.

I want to be healthy.

Because whatever it is that I want to do, having a healthy body is important.

Today is the 12th day of Ramadhan.

I have been exercising for 7 days out of the 12 days.

I feel a lot better right now.

I think I will be approaching 30 with a lot of ‘gaya’!

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