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Two Things You Should Have in Abundance (even if you are an extreme minimalist)

Let me give you the answers now instead of at the end of this article. The two things are money and knowledge.

The desire to have an abundance of knowledge is understandable but money? We thought minimalists are supposed to find their point of enough and be contend to have enough, instead of more KC?

The truth is, we can be desiring a lot of money and still be a minimalist. But first we need to examine our relationship with money.

The problem some people have in their pursuit of money stems from how money is perceived in their reality.

More money means bigger purchasing power to get more stuff. And those stuff is going to reflect who they are and in the end impress the people around them.

“Sticking a feather up in your butt does not make you a chicken” – Tyler Durden

To me, money is just one of self-development metrics. Having the ability to earn more indicates that I am making progress in my self-development journey.

The most important knowledge in the world (this is not a hype) is self-knowledge.

Getting to know yourself is self-knowledge. Fixing our personality blind spot is part of self-knowledge. Having an accurate inventory of our strength and weaknessess is self-knowledge.

Having self-knowledge is empowering because then only we know that the root causes of most of our problems in life are in fact, within our control.

And control is one of the reasons we set ourselves on this path of minimalism.

Do you agree with me that money and (self)knowledge are the two things we should have in abundance?

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  • Money amplifies who we are, it makes good man better and evil man worse.

    Knowledge is obsolete without the wisdom to apply the knowledge, I have a T-shirt that reads “Wisdom is the ability to eliminate worries.”, which I agree.

  • Ahmad Fadli (KC)

    To add on what u said, money is a tool. In this case a magnifying glass!! 🙂

  • Yup exactly!

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