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How Sex Helps in Achieving Any Goals

No, I am not talking about landing a role in a movie by sleeping with the producer or the director. Even though that might be helpful to some .

People have dreams and ambitions. And some find their dreams and ambitions to be a bit too far-fetched at times.

Other than having dreams and ambitions, people have sex too. But not many realize that having sex does teach us something about achieving our dreams, ambitions, or goals. No matter how unrealistic we might think they are.

So what are the lesson from sex that we can apply to achieving goals?

Always keep on moving from one base to another base
The first time of having sex or having sex with a new person is always exciting. That excitement propels us on a new uncharted territory and being on a new journey.

If sex is viewed as reaching a particular destination on a journey, there are always “bases” that act as checkpoints.

Before you get to kiss the guy, you both must be able to hold hands comfortably without feeling awkward.

Before you get to the penetration part, you both must be comfortable not wearing anything together.

Before undressing each other, you both must be busy exchanging kisses 😀

In order to keep the momentum and heat going on, you subconsciously tell yourself to keep moving from one base to another base

So how does this apply to achieving a goal? Always ask yourself What’s Next that can be done to get you closer to achieving that goal.

Keep the momentum going strong. It doesn’t matter if you are not very clear whether the direction is right or not. You can always backtrack. What matters is to keep on moving forward right now. To get the ball rolling forward.

I was once a total loser when it comes to attracting women.That was “base zero” for me. So I made a firm decision to tackle this area of my life.

When I first started learning about dating and attraction, I learned about creating instant rapport with women. This was the “first base”. I managed to have meaningful instant rapport with women that I came into contact with. But I realized that was enough. Not all women seek rapport when they first got to know me.

Something was missing.

It was attraction. Before creating rapport, I should be attracting women. So I backtrack to “base zero” and learned about attraction. But I did not worry because the momentum of learning was already there. All I had to do was going forward to the next base and keep asking myself “What’s Next” that I can learn and do.

Who says sex is a bad thing after all?

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  • Who says sex is a bad thing?


    @ P.K – Ooooh ~ You enjoy sex also heh…good for you Tuan 😀

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