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Your Religiousness is Not My Standard

A few days ago I was hanging out with some friends from one of my social circle. One of them jokingly called me “Islam Christian”. That is very illogical. It is like a round triangle. You can never find a round triangle.

I can never imagine what his reactions would be if I call him a “Munafiq Muslim”. It would be nice to see his reactions. Maybe I will try that sometimes and report the outcome here ;-D

Osho once said that if we want to know him, we must be empty . Because he is empty like a mirror. If we are not empty, we will only see reflections of ourselves in him.

I would like to tie this in with Don Miguel Ruiz ‘s The Four Agreements. One of it is to be impeccable with our words. Because when we are not being impeccable with our words to others, what we say is also a reflection of ourselves. I myself is still trying to follow this advice

How is it possible that what we say about others is a reflection of ourselves? If I am making fun of a guy who is clumsy , I am actually “leaking” part of myself being afraid to be seen as clumsy in public. If I also look down on women who put on a skimpy dress, it is actually me indirectly hating myself for not being able to enjoy the company of such socially liberated women.

So how does this relate to me being called an “Islam Kristian”? I live my life based on my own code of conduct and in the process of being free from being attached to disempowering social conditioning. I believe that name calling is a reflection of the namecaller not being able to live his life free from disempowering social conditioning like me.

A libertarian Muslim might be a better label if one were to be put to identify me. I don’t exercise my values on others and I don’t expect others to follow my chosen spiritual path. I just do, and if people think it is what they want, they will follow.

Prophet Muhammad also once said you are not a true Muslim until you love other brothers/sisters as much as you love yourself. He was not referring “other brothers/sisters” as other Muslims. In my understanding he was referring to another human being.

We are all connected to each other in a way. Celebrate love and live life peacefully.

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  • jeni

    u have a nice personality, nice article u hve been writing there ,some i do agree on some i don’t…

  • Emmy Hermina

    labelling; are not meant to je judgemental, God forbid.

    In my opinion, there are no such thing as a label to an individual as individuals are unique and variable and also, humans with flaws, therefore, changeable, not static.

    U said something about living according to your own rules and trying to escape the social restrictions of do’s and dont’s, which i agree them to be sometimes, tiresome and well, restricting. But at the same time, society lives in harmony because majority follow the rules you see.

    By creating a stir (hopefully not) in being different, or trying to ‘break’ the rules, its either will do good or damage. Again, its in our own thinking, our way of thinking and looking things in different perspectives.


    @jeni – Thanks for the compliment but I need more details on what you agree and what you don’t πŸ˜€

    @Emmy – “…..society lives in harmony because majority follow the rules….” I agree .

    “By creating a stir (hopefully not) in being different, or trying to β€˜break’ the rules, its either will do good or damage. Again, its in our own thinking, our way of thinking and looking things in different perspectives.” –> Do you agree with creating a stir and breaking rules or not ? πŸ˜€

  • You can achieve harmony if everyone get to be who they want (as long as not being a criminal etc) and respect each other for their differences. Status quo should be the enemy. Politicians act as if there’s only 2 types of voters. Most of the time, we are judged by the demographic we fall into.

    On an entirely different note, I think we (if which i mean me) act differently in different situations. It’s the reason why personality test/horoscope/feng shui or whatever works. (and don’t) Again we are just grouped under convenient categories.

  • mamal

    i never believe in discussion about religion…
    coz i believe in mine and others do believe in theirs…
    its a matter of choice…
    we can just highlights some things about our religion without discrediting other’s faith…
    it is just not rite to condemn other’s belief…

    same goes to friends…we hang out, we live in the same circle…try to be at least nice by not throwing any sensitive comments that could only lead to a rift…

    i tried to remind myself of this everyday…

  • People who choose to be different as in personality and principal does not mean that the community is in danger of not living harmoniously. It is when you tend to simply follow and in the end you find that it doesn’t work for you and you’re not happy with the way you are living with the rules that you begin to object and soon all hell broke loose. Then again, it cannot be said the same for people who justify their principal and views with the need of personal control and power unto others.


    @TS Lim – Politician will alwayss be politician

    @Mamal – I will remind myself that everyday as well

    @Claire Bennet – Not very clear on the last line πŸ˜€

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