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An Ultra Secret to Keep Your House Simple and Minimal (and having more world peace too)

I have to admit that I am addicted to simple empty wide space.

I find empty space to be very relaxing and it gives me a sense of calmness.

Because of this I try very hard to maintain a simple and minimal surroundings in my house.

Ask those who have gone on a purge/declutterring session and they will be more than glad to tell you that the action might be physical in nature but the effect is also psychologically beneficial. You have more space physically and you will feel like you have more space mentally too. 

So what is the secret to having more space mentally and physically? And what is the secret in maintaining a simple and minimal house?

Declutter your living space regularly. Yes, that’s it. Killing two birds with one stone.

Instead of  making it a once in a while activity, turn decluttering session into a weekly affair.

You are guaranteed to have a nice, simple and clean place. And more mental space as well.

Last week I donated two shirts and a black pants. In fact, those three were still in good working condition.

But I decided to donate them anyway because first, I have been using them for I don’t know how many years already. So it’s good to have some new shirts. And in order to do so I need to replace the shirts that I have, not accumulate more.

Second, it was a good exercise in letting go of attachments. Both two shirts and the black pants I bought when I got my first job right after graduation.

They meant a lot to me. But if I were to keep them, I’ll be adding the burden of keeping stuff to remind me of the good memory associated with them.

The fact is, the memory is right there in my mind waiting to be recalled at any moment.

In the end, after getting rid of them, I felt better.

Because now I need to take care of less things and focus on things that matter.

So there is really no secret to keep your house simple and minimal.

All you have to do is to make decluttering session a habit 🙂

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