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Using Law of Attraction to Attract The Ideal Housemate

My housemate left for KL about 4 weeks ago. He wanted to be closer to his girlfriend, and a better job offer was waiting for him too.

As for me, let’s just say that I’m too much of a chicken to be in KL. I prefer Penang, a smaller city, with more familiar faces and a very laid back environment.

My whole house is about 700 square feet. Yes, houses in Malaysia are quite small. Currently, I am staying alone. If I were to pay for the whole house myself, it might cause a little dent, but not yet a hole in my pocket 😀

So I decided to look for another housemate. But I was not in a rush. I enjoy the solitary of being alone. I am able to do a lot of self retrospection. But come long holiday, it might not be a good idea. When I go back to my home town in Seremban, somebody else needs to look after the house.

Before this I’ll be at home during the long stretch of Eid Mubarak holiday. I usually choose not to go back to my home town at that time. I prefer a serene and relaxing journey and you know how many cars will be there during that time.

So my housemate then got the chance to go back to his hometown, and me, got to be the loyal caretaker of the house.

The search for a new housemate started. Instead of putting up notices at 24 hours convenience stores, I posted a notice at an online community board. I was targeting a housemate who is IT and Internet savvy. And I am not referring to merely having a Facebook or Tagged or MySpace account. That doesn’t count.

The headline of my notice reads “Looking for A Cool Muhibbah Housemate”.

I thought that would attract those potential housemate who doesn’t mind staying in the same house with another person of a different race.

It seems that it was a big challenge. My strategy was to qualify a potential future housemate instead of me qualifying myself as a potential housemate to some random guy.

I interviewed and screened four guys before I found the ideal housemate this evening. The first two were two friends looking for a housemate to move into a new house.

When I talked to one of them on the phone, he sounded a bit sissy. Not an issue for me. It would be nice to hear the sounds of man-on-man action coming through the bedroom door sometimes 😀

They came (to my house) to have a look. It turned out that they are both recent graduate who are under some placement program by the government. And I have only a room to sub-rent to them. If they are in, there will be 3 persons in the house. Not something that I want.

The second guy came yesterday. He reached my house on his superbike. Cool. When I talked to him, I can sense that he is a good guy. After some small talk and get-to-know-each-other-session, I showed him around.

Then something that was not that nice to the ear came out. He asked me to “adjust” the rental a bit. The rental is already a round price where I have factored in the utility bills plus the usage rate of washing machine, television and also internet connection.

I had a hard time deciding. He was a very nice guy yet I doubt his ability to pay. Plus the jacket that he wore has some dirt on the collar. That signifies something also that you know what…But he was a very nice and sincere guy.

After 16 hours of thinking, I texted him and told him that the rental is a fixed rental due to the factoring of the facilities and I myself believe it is a very reasonable and affordable rate. But I did not receive any reply from him. Until now.

So before I left office today, I went back to the online community board and amended the posting I did earlier. I added some unique selling proposition as well 😀

I realized before this, I was not being specific enough. So I used the 3 steps Deliberate Attraction method to “attract” the ideal housemate.

Step One is to Identify Your Desire: Based on the previous potential housemates who came over, I already had a specific idea of my ideal housemate. Which brings me to the Step Two that is to….

Give Your Desire Attention: I want a male housemate who celebrates diversity, works near Bayan Lepas, can afford to pay the monthly room rental without any hassle, easygoing, and has a good “vibe”. I just realised that the whole description was modeled after my previous housemate who went to KL !

If only I realized it earlier, things would have been much easier. Knowing that I already had a housemate exactly like what I wanted now made Step Three much much more easier. And Step Three is

Allowing: I had a cool housemate before this and I should be able to have another one like him as well now. I had a previous evidence that what I want is achievable and I am making the vibe of attracting the ideal housemate stronger now.

I amended the online community board posting based on Step One while keeping on telling myself Step Two which is to Give Attention to My Desire. The amended posting was done at 415PM.

At 530PM I was getting ready to go home. But it was raining outside the office. So I had to stay in the office for a while.

God granted my wish…at 615PM I got a text addressing me as KC bla bla the room bla bla bla bla. I put my name as KC in the amended posting. I know the guy on the other end got to know the vacant room from the same online community board.

To cut the story short, I met him at 715PM. Interviewed him a bit here and there and he wanted the room. The best thing was he even said that the rental and the deposit is not a problem to him. I agreed to have him as my new housemate.

But just now, he texted saying that he changed his mind because he got another house.

Damn ! It’s ok, I will let Law of Attraction works its wonders for me now 😀

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  • mamal

    whoaaaaa….macam nak cari bini…hahahaha
    but i really admire you retrospective (apa maksud aku pun tak tau)
    kalau aku kena transfer ke penang aku layak ker aku nak jadi hosmet ko ek?

  • Yep. The best thing for me about living alone is that you can roam around naked without any cares in the world. 😉

  • Jeni

    hmm seem ur hard to get a good muhibbah hsemate lor
    im looking for a room to share but i think u wont consider a female hsemate ….

  • Demand sangat. Time cuti bagi saja aku jaga rumah hang. Kan senang. Geng kita kan ramai bole jaga rumah hang time hang cuti panjang. Ha haha…


    @mamal – can..you are always welcome to be my housemate bro

    @Claire – I rarely roam around naked in my house 😀

    @jeni – Erm..let me think about that

    @Pegawai Khalwat – Tuan jaga umah saya, saya panggil Pegawai Khalwat yang betul cari Tuan di rumah saya.
    (If you take care of my house, I’ll get the real snooping squad officer to go to my house and say hi to you ) 🙂

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